Sunday, 2 February 2014

Close Up! Some bits and piece to get you started...

Rinko Kawauchi

Fresh, sweet and simple Close Up imagery from Rinko Kawauchi. This style could be easily translated across a variety of themes and subjects. 'Close Up' doesn't have to be random, you can find a 'theme within a theme'.

To emulate this kind of work you will need to be wide awake to all of the small things in life. Look for little moments that could easily be mistaken for the mundane but are in fact beautiful

Edward Weston

A classic study of form, shape and texture. Weston is an icon for his observations and use of light to portray his subjects 'up close'

Joachim Froese

Still lives arranged in multiple panels are the signature style of Joachim Froese, an artist who interrogates the intrinsic properties of photography when creating his polytychs

"The motivation underpinning Joachim's photography is a constant questioning of the photographic process. He is interested in its limitations; in particular its reliance on the real world to provide content and context. He is interested in how documentary photography claims to record truth; yet is compromised by the editing decisions. He is interested in why we are suspicious of the veracity of a digital image; yet hold to the belief that the camera never lies."

Juul Kraijer

Intricate study of roots - the often unseen part of botanical life. These almost look like pencil drawings with their simplistic lighting and careful arrangement on the background.

Dayna Bartoli

A documentation of the anatomical and aesthetic act of seeing.



Andy Hughes

 'Photographic work explores the littoral zone and the politics of waste'




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