Monday, 3 February 2014

Photo Essay that's (slightly) closer to home....

Jon Tonks 

South Atlantic islands pop quiz:

  1. Which island was used by NASA in the 1970s to simulate the surface of the moon?
  2. Which island is home to the only law enforcement official for 1,750 miles in any direction?
  3. Which island has approximately 200 sheep for every person?
  4. Which island, though home to only 3,800 people, is the seat of a representative for the British monarch and a separate French honorary counsel?
Choose from the following: Ascension Island, St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Falkland Islands  
While you might not know the answers to any of these questions, British documentary photographer Jon Tonks found out about these things and so much more in the process of making his book, Empire. Tonks spent up to a month at a time in each territory, traveling 60,000 miles around the Atlantic via military outposts, low-lit airstrips and a long voyage aboard the last working Royal Mail Ship. Some 400 rolls of film...

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